ali-Q™ 2 aliquoting pipet controller

This is the latest documentation and support material.

ali-Q 2 Series Literature
The ali-Q 2 Series is the next generation of our ali-Q product line. The series consists of 3 models:

ali-Q 2 – updated version of ali-Q – fixed high aliquoting speed model

ali-Q 2 LS – updated version of ali-Q LS – fixed Low aliquoting Speed model

ali-Q 2 VS – new adjustable Variable aliquoting Speed model

Product Literature related to all 3 models:
ali-Q 2 Series Operating Manual
ali-Q 2 In-lab Calibration Protocol
ali-Q Gravimetric Verification Procedure
ali-Q Technique and Tips
ali-Q 2 Quick Reference Guides:
ali-Q 2 Safety Sheet
ali-Q (original) Literature

The ali-Q product line originated with ali-Q followed by the addition of ali-Q LS (Low Speed). This is where to find product literature related to these 2 models.

Operating Manual for ali-Q and ali-Q LS

Quick Reference Guide – English

Quick Reference Guide – French

Quick Reference Guide – Italian

Quick Reference Guide – German

Quick Reference Guide – (European) Spanish

Safety Instructions

ali-Q Gravimetric Verification Procedure

ali-Q Technique and Tips

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