Fit is Everything.
The Perfect Pipette Tip.

Pipette Tips

A Superior Fit for your MLA & Ovation Pipettes

Use genuine VistaLab pipette tips to maximize the exceptional performance and benefits of Ovation and MLA pipettes.  All VistaLab pipettes are calibrated with VistaLab tips to provide a perfect fit and deliver reliable performance every time.  We have a variety of packaging configurations and options of sterile, certified RNase/DNase free, non-pyrogenic, filtered, low retention and trace metal certified.






Fit is Everything

One Size Does Not Fit All

“Universal” pipette tips are designed to fit many different pipettes, but never designed to fit any one pipette perfectly.  On any pipette when a tip seals at a different place on the nozzle, the total amount of air in the tip is altered. This can cause the pipette’s performance to differ from its published specifications. Using a “one-size-fits all” tip can affect ease of use and performance.

VistaLab pipettes are calibrated to VistaLab tips.  Ovation pipettes are designed to make the pipette “click” when tips are properly loaded eliminating the need for excessive force and “jamming.”  You’ll never worry about tips falling off!  In addition, when tips aren’t jammed on, they are easier to eject, which is more ergonomic.

For optimal performance:

1) The pipette tip should be sealed properly. The seal area should be the entire side wall of the tip, from the bottom of the nozzle to the top lip of the tip. If the tips are not sealed, there could be leakage and contamination.

2) The tip should not extend too far up the nozzle or be too small to fit onto the nozzle. Either situation affects tip ejection, which is also not ergonomic.

Low Retention Pipette Tips

Leave No Sample Behind

While not always visible, standard pipette tips have properties that cause surface binding. In other words, droplets or a thin film of liquid often remains in the pipette tip after dispensing. In many applications, even trace amounts of missing sample can affect experimental results.
Pipette Tips with VistaLab Low Retention Polymer Technology are an ideal choice when working with detergents, enzymes, viscous samples, foaming liquids, plasma, TRIS, BSA and Tween.

  • Improved sample accuracy
  • Saves costly reagents or enzymes
  • Reduced sample loss for higher reproducibility
  • Unaffected by detergents used in sample buffers and reagents

Pick Your Tip


What material are VistaLab pipette tips made from?

VistaLab tips and tip racks are made of 100% pure virgin polypropylene.

What is the expiration date on my VistaLab tips?

All VistaLab Technologies sterile disposables (Tips, Reagent Reservoirs, Wobble-not serological pipets) are good for 3 years from the Date of Manufacture found on the Certificate of Analysis included in each case; as long as the packaging is unopened and uncompromised. Non-sterile tips do not expire.

Can VistaLab tips be autoclaved?

All tips in our VistaRak can be autoclaved.

VistaRak Autoclave Instructions_RevA

What does certified RNase/DNase free mean?

Tips are manufactured and packaged in a clean room facility; free from human or animal contact to prevent RNase and DNase contamination. Tips are then tested by an independent testing laboratory using the protocol described on the Certificate of Analysis and labeled certified RNase/DNase free if the acceptable industry standard is met.

What does non-pyrogenic mean?

Pyrogens are bacterial endotoxins that can be harmful to cell cultures. Tips labeled non-pyrogenic are certified to have endotoxin levels below the acceptable industry standard as determined by an independent laboratory using the protocol described on the Certificate of Analysis.

What does Trace Metal certified mean?

Tips that have high levels of trace metals can have antibacterial properties that affect cell culture populations, as well as electrostatic properties of the sample solutions. Tips labeled Trace Metal certified have been analyzed by an independent testing lab for levels of trace metals. A Certificate of Analysis for each lot is included with each unit of tips.


In our lab, we all experience shoulder and wrist strains and overall tightness in the back and shoulders from using axial pipettes. With the Ovation, though, you don't have to hold it up very high to clear the test tubes. And the tips fit so well, they're easy to put on and easy to eject.

Serena G, Microbiologist

I used to have tennis elbow and I don't even play tennis. It was from pipetting. I had to stop for a couple of months and start physical therapy. Now I also use the Ovation. I just love it! It's so comfortable and my arm is better.

Jody Bowen, Sr. Technical Associate, University of Rochester

I wish the Ovation had been available 10 years ago. I'm convinced I would have never developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from pipetting. The Ovation uses nice, gentle motions without force. All the stresses and strains of the standard pipette are totally gone.

Karen Sklowoski, Medical Technologist, Marymount South Lab Copy

I was having a lot of pain in my wrist. I started using Ovation, and in less than a week, I stopped having problems!

Dr. George Stearns, Sr. Research Biologist, Nalco Chemical Company

Ovation pipettes are very easy to use. My hands never get tired or hurt when I use them. Their ergonomics distinguish them from all other pipettes. I have arthritis in my hands and these pipettes never stress my joints. Other pipettes make me reach uncomfortably or need too much pressure to release the tip. I absolutely love Ovation pipettes, would not use anything else!

Nancy Streets, BS, MT(ASCP)SH, QCYM, Flow Cytometry Laboratory, Yellowstone Pathology Institute, Inc.

“The Wobble-not pipets are superior to traditional serological pipets regarding stability and total overall performance.  Great product that we will use for years to come!”

Kimberly White, Researcher V, University of Alabama at Birmingham