The history of VistaLabTM Technologies began with the formation of Medical Laboratory Automation, Inc. (MLA®) as a research and development engineering company in 1957.


Co-founders Emil A. Scordato and Dr. John G. Gorman transitioned from an R&D company  when it developed and marketed the first automated coagulation instrument available to the medical testing laboratory in 1963.  It was also notably the first automatic instrument to utilize photometric principles to detect the coagulation end-point.

As the company continued to develop a wider and more technologically advanced line of coagulation and other instruments, it recognized another pressing need in the laboratory – a convenient method for preparing coagulation samples for testing.  The result: the first MLA “Precision” pipette along with a line of disposable tips.

MLA maintained a technological and industry leading position for its continually evolving line of products targeting the clinical marketplace until the sale of the company to Instrumentation Laboratory in 1999.  The liquid handling products were carved out from the merger and Dick Scordato, son of MLA’s co-founder and long-time president, founded VistaLab Technologies.

VistaLab Technologies continued to grow in the industry, providing first-class service to customers, quality products and 5 Star Calibration and Repair. In March of 2022, VistaLab Technologies joined forces with CELLTREAT® Scientific Products, a leader in the industry for plastic lab consumables. The two are a natural match, serving the needs of the cell culture and liquid handling market.


Masthead picture (above): John Harnett and Emil Scordato with the first automated coagulation instrument, the Electra 500.


Emil and Dick Scordato

Continuing the MLA tradition of innovation, VistaLab set out to address the #1 cause of pain and discomfort in the laboratory – pipetting!  After a few years of market research and assembling a team of ergonomists, followed by another few years of product development, the result: Ovation®, the most comfortable and easy to use pipettes you will ever experience!  The Adjustable (now called the Quick Set), introduced in 2002, was the first of many Ovation pipettes. Since then, the Ovation line has expanded to include a full range of mechanical and electronic, single and multi-channel models.