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Maintenance & Calibration

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Where to find seals: MLA Digital 1-200 μL

Where to find seals: MLA Digital 501-1000 μL


Why do I get different calibration results in my laboratory?

  • A number of things can cause your laboratory calibration results to differ from results in our facility:
  • (a) Testing method (gravimetric vs photometric)
  • (b) Tips used – all MLA pipettes calibrated with VistaLab tips
  • (c) Pipetting technique and form- all MLA pipettes calibrated according to ISO 8655
  • (d) Equipment sensitivity
  • (e) Environmental conditions

What is the recommended routine maintenance for an MLA pipette?

  • (1) Remove, clean, inspect and replace the nozzle insert as needed.
  • (2) Wipe down the outer and inner surfaces of the pipette body with a soft cloth, tissue or Q-tip dampened with alcohol to remove any dirt or powder residue
  • (3) Lubricate the plunger with silicon oil and replace the inner piston seals as needed.
  • (4) Verify performance and adjust calibration as needed

How often should routine maintenance and calibration be performed?

  • VistaLab recommends performing routine maintenance every 6-12 months depending on frequency and conditions of use.

Are parts available for MLA pipettes?

  • Normal ‘wear’ maintenance parts such as nozzle inserts and seal kits are available for purchase in the Support section. Parts, such as nozzle assemblies or plunger springs, are not available. However, when sending the MLA pipette to VistaLab for service, any parts needed are replaced at no additional charge. Complete information about our calibration and repair services is available in the Service area of this web site.

Can MLA pipettes be calibrated by the user?

  • Yes. All MLA pipettes, except those with a selectable volume feature, can be easily calibrated by the user. The recommended procedure can be found in the models Operators Guide.

How do I send in an MLA pipette for calibration, maintenance or repair?

  • Service Orders can be accomplished in 2 different ways:
    1. Go to Service Order page via the internet and input all necessary billing, shipping and product (Model, Serial number, Service Level) information. Once Order is placed, check your email for Order Confirmation page, print and sign decontamination statement, and include in packaging with pipette and send in to our address. Customer responsible for shipping charges to and from facility.
    2. Print and complete the Service Order Form, include in package with pipettes and send in to our address. Customer responsible for shipping charges to and from facility. USE THIS OPTION WHEN REQUESTING CUSTOM SERVICE

Do Ovation tips fit MLA pipettes? Do MLA tips fit the Ovation pipettes?

  • Yes

Are MLA Pipettes “air displacement” or “positive displacement” pipettes?

  • Air displacement

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