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A Shape So Radical,
You Can’t Wait to Pick it Up

A feel so good, you won’t want to put it down

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Electronically Operated Pipettes

Manually Operated Pipettes

The Ovation® was designed with YOU in mind!

  • Superior accuracy and precision
  • Unmatched patented ergonomic design
  • Audible “click” tip attachment to ensure consistent loading
  • Easy spring-loaded “flick” tip ejection for low thumb force
  • Self-standing (attached tips remain elevated off benchtop)
  • Color coded body for easy volume identification
  • Nozzles containing filter for fluid contamination protection
  • Individually serialized
  • Calibration Certificate included
  • In-lab calibration adjustment
  • Two year Warranty

Give Us Your Hand. We’ll Put An Ovation In It.


In our lab, we all experience shoulder and wrist strains and overall tightness in the back and shoulders from using axial pipettes. With the Ovation, though, you don't have to hold it up very high to clear the test tubes. And the tips fit so well, they're easy to put on and easy to eject.

Serena G, Microbiologist

I wish the Ovation had been available 10 years ago. I'm convinced I would have never developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from pipetting. The Ovation uses nice, gentle motions without force. All the stresses and strains of the standard pipette are totally gone.

Karen Sklowoski, Medical Technologist, Marymount South Lab Copy